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Deeply build a localized innovation ecosystem——Beckman Coulter and Accurdx start strategic cooperation

2021/9/14 16:02:09 Views:222

Beckman Coulter continues to pay attention to the development of the coagulation market, and recently launched a strategic cooperation with Accurdx in the field of intelligent coagulation, setting another milestone in localization innovation. According to the agreement, Beckman Coulter and Accurdx will give full play to their respective advantages to carry out in-depth cooperation on coagulation test projects and deepen the integration of disease and health management, diagnosis and treatment.


 Credit: Beckman Coulter

The guests attending the signing ceremony were:


Professor Wang Chuanxin, Dean of the Second Hospital of Shandong University


Professor Song Haibo, vice chairman of the National Association of Health Industry and Enterprises Management, chairman of the China Association of In Vitro Diagnostics


Professor Wang Xuefeng, Director of the Laboratory of Ruijin Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine


Dr. Jiang Zhiming, Beckman Coulter Global Senior Vice President and General Manager of China


Mr. Hong Jun, Marketing Director of Beckman Coulter


Mr. Wang Xing, Chairman and General Manager of Accurdx


Mr. Ma Wenxin, General Manager of Accurdx Marketing


Credit: Beckman Coulter 

In the future, Beckman Coulter will continue to deepen the establishment of a “in China, for China” localized innovation ecosystem, increase and accelerate investment in China, and strive to cooperate with more domestic high-quality enterprises, through localized production and R&D to better cater to the needs of the Chinese market and help provide patients with higher-quality diagnosis and treatment services.