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SINOPHARM Reached an Agreement with MXB Biotechnologies, Subsidiary of BSBE

2021/9/7 17:02:54 Views:148

Sinopharm Foreign Trade (Beijing) Co., Ltd., (hereinafter referred to as "SFT”) subsidiary of China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "Sinopharm”)signed the agency agreement for the “Immunocytochemical Detection Kit of p16/Ki-67” (hereinafter referred to as "p16/Ki-67”) with MXB Biotechnologies Co., Ltd., subsidiary of BSBE. Sinopharm, as the controlling shareholder of BSBE, after the signing and implementation of the first cooperation agreement, the two sides will fully integrate their respective resource advantages, strengthen industrial synergy and complementarity, and jointly promote the great leap forward development of China's IVD industry.

The agreement specifies SFT as a business platform to be responsible for the promotion and sales of p16 / Ki-67 test kit with all medical institutions subordinate to Sinopharm in Henan province as a pilot, and take this opportunity to explore an efficient and successful model covering the national market. The two sides will jointly promote the demonstration technology of precision screening of cervical cancer in China. At the same time, to strengthen the upstream and downstream collaborative mechanism of both sides and build a comprehensive platform for pathological products and services on immunohistochemical and its peripheral pathological products and third-party pathological diagnosis.

China is a big country with a large burden of cervical cancer. According to the “2009 Two Cancer Screening Project" (cervical cancer and breast cancer) in rural China, over 2,118 counties` cervical cancer screening has been covered for 35-64 years old women which accumulated 1 million people without any charge. In 2019, the two female cancer screening programs in rural areas was included in the basic public health service. In urban areas, all kinds of specialized hospitals and physical examination centers have carried out the cervical cancer screening and physical examination services accordingly.

Screening is still an important part of the cervical cancer prevention and control system. How to realize WHO`s proposal that by 2030, 90% of women will complete human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination before the age of 15; 70% of women are screened by efficient testing methods before the age of 35 and 45; 90% of women diagnosed with cervical diseases are treated (90% of women with positive precancerous lesions are treated and 90% of invasive cancer cases are managed), which is a severe reality and challenge we are facing.

The cooperation between Sinopharm and MXB will make the balance and integrate the high sensitivity and high specificity of HPV detection and cytology, and greatly reduce medical expenditure, which is important for realizing the global strategy for accelerating the elimination of cervical cancer by 2030 which has positive and important significance.