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Strategic Cooperation Between Autobio and Syscan Officially Launched

2021/7/27 15:34:39 Views:2249

On July 25, 2021, Autobio and Syscan officially announced the launch of a strategic cooperation. In the future, the two companies will make full use of their respective technology and channel advantages to carry out a full range of in-depth cooperation in the field of coagulation testing, and provide complete coagulation testing products and service solutions for the field of medical laboratories.

Mr. Miao Yongjun, Chairman of Autobio

Mr. Miao Yongjun, Chairman of Autobio, said: “Clotting detection is a subdivision that has flourished in the IVD field outside of molecular diagnostics and mass spectrometry technology in recent years. Syscan is highly advanced with Autobio in terms of corporate culture and product concepts. In agreement, Autobio is honored to be able to cooperate with such an excellent team as Syscan. Product competence is very important to the development of IVD enterprises. In the future, Autobio hopes to work with Syscan to continuously improve the performance of blood coagulation products and make the overall state of the product. Reach the international leading level, promote the development of the domestic coagulation testing industry, and provide patients with better products and services."

Mr. Yang Ke, General Manager of Syscan

Mr. Yang Ke, General Manager of Syscan, said: "Syscan is a young and creative company. It has always been committed to creating excellent domestic blood coagulation products with international leading blood coagulation companies as a benchmark. Autobio’s corporate value of people-oriented, quality-focused, and service-oriented is very consistent with Syscan. Relying on Autobio’s excellent quality management, R&D and production model and strong marketing network, we believe that the close cooperation between our two companies will be able to meet customers' needs. Let us join together, forge ahead, jointly build an excellent domestic brand of blood coagulation, and contribute our strength to the development of China's IVD career. "

So far, in terms of blood coagulation line, Autobio has combined with Sekisui to form an A1/B1 biochemical immune coagulation integrated line and an independent blood coagulation line; in terms of non-pipeline coagulation products, Autobio has officially launched Syscan. Strategic equity acquisition procedures, and overall responsibility for marketing related work, the two have formed a situation of organic complementarity and mutual support, fully demonstrating Autobio's firm confidence in the field of coagulation testing.