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A Big Success! Sansure Biotech Signed Cooperation Agreement With More Than 120 Dealers

2021/6/7 17:35:44 Views:356

Recently, Sansure Biotech Inc.'s new product launch conference and business partner recruitment conference was held in Changsha, China. More than 400 agent partners around China gathered to develop a win-win cooperation. It lasted 40 days, spanning six places in China.  At last, more than 1,500 people participated in the conference and more than 120 dealers (as of June 4) signed agreement, with fruitful results.

Sansure Biotech Inc. is an integrated solution provider with independent innovation of molecular diagnosis and gene technology as the core, integrating medical diagnostic reagents, nucleic acid diagnostic instruments, laboratory solutions and third-party testing services. Lizhong Dai, Chairman of Sansure Biotech, said that Sansure is accelerating the creation of a gene technology platform-type enterprise and exporting the “Sansure Program” to the world. In recent years, China's in vitro diagnostic industry, represented by molecular diagnostic enterprises such as Sansure Biotech, is rising rapidly. As an innovative scientific and technological enterprise in China, Sansure Biotech will aim at the forefront of science and technology in the world and make new contributions to the human health community.

Lizhong Dai said that Sansure Biotech has deployed the respiratory as an important track as early as seven years ago. After years of deep cultivation, it has reserved more than 30 types of respiratory single detection, multiple respiratory tract detection, and new crown/A/B triple detection. In the future, more single-detection and joint-detection products will be launched successively to further improve the "precise + accessible" full-scene detection overall solution.

Sansure adheres to the concept of "let the world know Sansure and let Sansure assists the world". As the provider of the most universal solutions of molecular diagnosis, Sansure is willing to join hands with all countries in the world to fight against the pandemic and contribute to the construction of a "community of shared future for human health". They always firmly believe that the pandemic will pass, and a better future for mankind will be tomorrow!