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Chinese IVD Products Help for Fighting COVID-19 Globally

2021/5/26 12:09:33 Views:267

The current global epidemic situation is still grim. At the same time, China is actively making a great effort to support the world-wide anti-epidemic action, and sharing its experience, which shows the desire to promote the construction of a community of shared future for mankind. Speaking at the China novel coronavirus pneumonia commendation conference, Xi Jinping president of PRC said, "In the face of a sudden serious outbreak, China has worked together with other countries in the world to overcome difficulties and contribute wisdom and strength to the global epidemic. To supply and export the prevention materials to more than 200 countries and regions… China has helped save thousands of people’ s lives around the world by doing practical things.”


According to the data of the press conference held by the Information Office of the State Council, China has exported 1.08 billion pooling of new coronavirus detection kits in 2020. According to the latest information released by China Chamber of Commerce for import and export of medicine and health care on April 27, 620 enterprises on the White List of COVID-19 test reagents that have obtained export qualification and foreign standard certification or registration have reached. China's IVD enterprises keep working so hard producing and exporting anti-epidemic products, and participating in the global anti-epidemic action. Their contributions are obvious which have been recognized and praised by many countries.


Chinese IVD enterprises have achieved great success in supporting overseas anti-epidemic, which has greatly improved the development of enterprises and China's brand image: the COVID-19 testing products produced by BGI have been distributed in nearly 30 countries and regions around the world. The coronavirus detection projects supplies by Wondfo Bio covering Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East exceeding more than 100 countries. Through the epidemic battle, Sansure Bio has greatly increased its internationalization pace and greatly strengthened the channel of construction to accelerate the layout of seven regional centers in the world. Orient Gene has expanded the EU market and its brand which rapidly improves its influence and industry status on the industry… This overseas anti-epidemic supporters include Liferiver, GeneoDx, DaAn Gene, BioGerm, Capital Biopro, Innovita, Applied Biological, Bioscience, Maccura, InnoDx, Hecin Scientific, Easy Diagnosis, Vazyme Medical, Livzon Diagnostics, Ustar Biotechnologies, Anbio Biotech, Fosun Diagnostics, Rendu Biotechnology, Zhongzhi Biotechnologies, Kinghawk, Dynamiker, Outdo Biotech, Bioperfectus Technologies, Bioneovan, Auto Bio, Hotgen Biotech, Uni-medica Technology, Nagened, Coyote Bioscience, YHL, AmonMed Biotechnology, JWF Biological, ZC Bio-Sci&Tech, Dian Biotechnology, Zybio, Hybribio, etc.


China receives the high praises from international societies whom obtained the overseas support and epidemic prevention materials. The UN, WHO and the mainstream international medias have not only noticed the effectiveness, but also frequently referred to China's experience, called on countries to learn from it. “Distance will not block the acquaintance, thousands of miles could be the neighbors.” With special speed, strength and spirit, China shows its powerful responsibility as a big country.