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1.95 Billion! Sansure Acquired 18.63% Shares of KHB and Became the Largest Shareholder

2021/5/24 15:51:58 Views:295

On May 12th, Sansure Biotech Inc. issued an announcement that Sansure Biotech will purchase 95,863,038 shares of Shanghai Kehua Bio-Engineering Co., Ltd. (accounting for 18.63% of Kehua's total share capital) held by Gree DC through agreement. The purchase price is RMB 1,950,000,000, equivalent to RMB 20.34 per share, Sansure Biotech will complete the aforementioned acquisition with its own funds.

After the completion of this transaction, Sansure Biotech will hold 95,863,038 shares of Kehua Bio-Engineering, accounting for 18.63% of the total shares, and will become Kehua’s largest shareholder. Kehua still has no shareholders who can actually control more than 30% of the voting rights of the company's shares. In this acquisition, the non-existence of Sansure Biotech will have a significant impact on the resolution of the board of directors of Kehua, and it will not result in a change in the control of the target company.

After the completion of this transaction, Sansure Biotech and Kehua Bio-Engineering will be able to realize the complementary advantages of the two parties in the fields of technology platforms, product lines, channels, and markets. In addition, the acquisition would further improve the disease solutions and full-scenario system solutions of both parties, and give full play to synergistic effect.

Chairman of CAIVD, Mr. Song Haibo believes that the strategic combination of the same industry creates favorable conditions for the formation of a leading IVD enterprise in the future.

About Sansure Biotech Inc.

Sansure Biotech Inc. was founded in 2008 as a dedicated company developing and manufacturing a complete product line for molecular laboratories, ranging from upstream nucleic acid extraction kits and full automation to downstream real time PCR diagnostic & research kits and fluorescence systems. 

Based on innovative R&D center in Changsha, China, Sansure understands its capability and social responsibility to offer molecular diagnostic products consistent in quality, accurate and reliable in test results, easy to use and accessible to laboratories of all levels despite their variety in lab environment. Sansure is gradually winning its reputation all over the world and exerting growing influence on popularizing qPCR technologies towards what they are supposed to be as affordable and accessible human health care means.

Sansure has cooperated with more than 2000 hospitals and laboratories contributing to daily consumption of over 100,000 tests.Nine out of the ten top hospitals specialized in infectious diseases are Sansure loyal clients. Globally, Sansure innovative technologies now have been introduced into more than 140 countries and regions including Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and South and Central America where Sansure has received recognition.

About Shanghai Kehua Bio-Engineering Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Kehua Bio-Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as KHB, Stock code: 002022.SZ) is an IVD company that boasts a full line of medical diagnostic products. Since its foundation in 1981, KHB has developed into a hi-tech company that integrates R&D, manufacturing and marketing business operation. In 2004, it was listed in the SME Board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE).

Headquartered in Shanghai, KHB currently has nearly 2,000 employees. Driven by the company’s R&D and innovation capability, KHB has built two R&D technology platforms for clinical IVD reagents and full automatic analyzers in order to progressively promote the serial development and integration of reagents and instruments. Focusing on immune diagnosis, biochemical diagnosis, and molecular diagnosis, we have 260+NMPA product registration certificates, and more than 80+ CE certified reagent and instrument products.

With its business rooted in China, KHB has a global footprint. KHB provides products for 10,000+ hospitals, 500+ disease control and prevention centers, blood centers and a number of bio-pharmaceutical enterprises and scientific research institutions across over 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. It has established long-term partnership with more than a thousand of domestic agents and 18 international agents. KHB branded products have been exported to 30 foreign countries and regions. AIDS diagnostic reagents in-house developed by KHB that passed WHO PQ have been listed in the purchase catalogs in USAID, UNICEF and many countries.