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The 8th China IVD Industry Development Conference Concluded with Success

2021/4/15 7:48:36 Views:2626
March 29th 2021, the 8th China IVD Industry Development Conference (CIIDC), organized by China Association of In-Vitro Diagnostics (CAIVD), was successfully concluded in Chongqing, China.

The theme of the 8th CIIDC is Intelligent Manufacturing & Win-Win Cooperation. In the conference, experts, scholars and entrepreneurs discussed artificial intelligence, industry development, business models, innovative ideas and frontier trends from multiple perspectives. Nearly 150,000 online views during the conference.
At the conference, the list of the Leading Person in 2020 IVD Industry was announced by Prof.Song Haibo, chairman of CAIVD. General secretary Prof.Zhu Yaoyi later interpreted China IVD Industry Annual Report in 2020.

In the final part leadership interview, Prof.Song Haibo, Dr.Jiang Zhiming, Mr.Miao Yongjun, Mr.Zou Bingde, Mr.Shi Ping, Mr.Zhou Xuyi, Mr.Zhao Yaping and Leading Person in 2020 IVD Industry: Ding Jianwen, Ji Quan, Li Fugang, Wu Shiming , Zhang Hao, Sheng Dan, and Peng Niancai participated in the interview as interviewed guests.

The interviewed guests' precise analysis, answers and thoughts on the IVD industry situation guided the development of the industry and ignited the collective resonance of those present. The 8th China IVD Industry Development Conference came to an end with bursts of applause!