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Notification of CACLP EXPO 2019

2018/9/21 10:50:32 Views:1062
Organized by Broad (Shanghai) Exhibition Business Co., Ltd., CACLP Expo 2019 is going to be hosted from March 20th to 24that Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center. Again it`s the annual get-together time for our IVD industry, again it`s time for IVD enterprises to show their strengths and achievements.
Established in 1991, CACLP Expo is now the largest, most professional and most influential tradeshow in China IVD industry. It`s held in March every year and in cities such as Chongqing, Nanchang, Xiamen, Xi`an, and Qingdao.
CACLP Expo is now the most important tradeshow that focused on clinical laboratory and In-vitro diagnostics. By now we have more than 800 exhibiting companies from both China and overseas with more than 2000 booths and the number is increasing by 20% every year. A large number of up-to-date technologies and products are exhibited in CACLP Expo and the Expo offers a great platform for IVD companies from both China and abroad to communicate with each other.
CACLP Expo is of great industry influence in China and attracts over 20,000 elites and scholars in In-vitro diagnostics. 80% of the visitors have the authority of purchasing. Also large number of seminars and new product launches are held together during the Expo, making it a most and most influential tradeshow in China. Participating in CACLP Expo will surly meet your professional demands and help you to find targeted customers.
To fully exhibit the new products and technologies from both home and abroad, to strengthen the communication between IVD enterprises and to further push the development of our industry,  CACLP Expo 2019 is going to be hosted from March 20th to 24th at Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center.
Hosted together with CACLP Expo 2019, the 6th China IVD Industry Development Conference (originally called Bode China International In-Vitro Diagnostics Industry Forum), and Nature Conference on In- Vitro Diagnostics (4th China Experimental Medicine Conference) is going to start on that days in Nanchang.
Your presence and guidance is very welcomed.
I. Expo Venue:
Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center, Nanchang, China
Address: No. 1315, Huai-yu Mountains (Huaiyu Shan) Avenue, New District of Honggu Tan, Nanchang, China.
II. Expo Agendas:
Install Hours:                      
March 20th 08:00-21:00      
March 21st 08:00-21:00
Opening Ceremony:
March 22nd 09:00-09:30
Exhibition Hours:                     
March 22nd 09:30-17:00
March 23rd 08:00-17:00
March 24th 08:00-16:00
Teardown Hours:
March 24th 16:00-24:00
III. Contact Information.
Weber Wu –Vice General Manager
Tel:+86 21-64760732/64760730*826     
Fax:+86 21-64760753
Mobile:+86 18501796244
Trista Jin – International Affairs Specialist
Tel:+86 21-64760732/64760730*832     
Fax:+86 21-64760753
Mobile:+86 13774429836
IV. Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities.
Expo Journal
Exhibition Straps & badges
The Journal of China Laboratory Medicine Products
CACLP Website
CACLP Daily Newspaper
New Product Release Column
More sponsorship & advertising opportunities please contact with Weber Wu (
Above is the agenda for CACLP Expo 2019. You will be informed in advance if there is any change about it.

Charging Standard
I. Booth Fee.

*1. Equipment for an inline booth include: one table, two chairs, two spotlights, one headboard with Chinese and English, electronic socket 500W/220V, and carpet.(Additional $100for a corner booth)
1. Space of the booth area multiplied as 9㎡, 18㎡, 27㎡, 36㎡, 54㎡, 72㎡ 
2. One free ticket will be presented for 36+㎡ reservation, two for 72+㎡. (The ticket is for 4 conferences: Nature/CEMC, 6th CIIDC, 2nd CAIVD·YEC, 16th CACLP EXPO.)
II. Membership Fee.
For manufacturing enterprises:USD 249 / year.
For distributor: USD 149 / year.
*All the exhibitors ’membership fee is USD 249 / year.
III. Payment Account.
Company Name: Broad (Shanghai) Exhibition Business Co., Ltd.
Bank Name:Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Xu hui Branch  
Address: 589 Jian Guo Xi Road, Shanghai, China
Account Number:97120154740007598
Organizing Committee of CACLP Expo 2019
Broad (Shanghai) Exhibition Business Co., Ltd.
September 21, 2018