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Sansure Biotech Paid Out 300 Million Yuan In Dividends

2020/11/25 10:23:24 Views:482

In the first three quarters, net profit soared by 107 times, realizing a net profit of 2.013 billion yuan. Sansure Biotech: cash dividend is here!


On the afternoon of November 18th, the shareholders meeting of Sansure Biotech passed the proposal to distribute cash dividends for the first three quarters of 0.75 yuan per share (tax included). According to the financial report, the company achieved a net profit of 2.013 billion yuan in the first three quarters. Based on the company's total equity on September 30, it plans to distribute a total of 300 million yuan (tax included) in cash dividends.


According to the latest research report of BCC Research, the global COVID-19 testing market will reach US$60.3 billion in 2020, and it will increase to US$195.1 billion by 2027, with a CAGR of 15%. The PCR industry has the largest market share, with a CAGR of 15.6%.


In addition to the impact of the new crown, the molecular diagnostics market is also in a stage of rapid development. According to industry report data, the global molecular diagnostics market has a CAGR of 12.18% from 2013 to 2019, far exceeding 4.99% of the IVD industry as a whole; the domestic market scale CAGR for 2013-2019 is 31.63%, far exceeding 21.19% of the domestic IVD industry as a whole .


Analysts believe that the new crown epidemic has equipped my country's entire medical system with nucleic acid testing capabilities on a large scale, and clinical and public awareness of nucleic acid testing has made unprecedented progress. The post-epidemic era policy vigorously develops new medical infrastructure to make up for shortcomings, and promotes PCR laboratory resources. Shen, has brought considerable promotion and reagent consumption flow basis for the development of molecular diagnostic projects in the grassroots market.


"After the road is repaired, there will be more and more cars on the road." Dai Lizhong, chairman of Sansure Biotech, said that the number of molecular diagnostic projects currently carried out in developed countries is more than 500, while the projects carried out in my country are less than half of those in developed countries. With the substantial increase in nucleic acid testing capabilities of medical institutions at all levels, the number of nucleic acid testing projects to be carried out in the future will increase significantly, and the use of nucleic acid testing will show rapid growth.



Platform enterprise

Drive change

At present, the outside world's concerns about the performance of Sansure Biotech stem from the new crown epidemic, and the shrinking of the new crown testing market may cause the company's performance to decline.


Dai Lizhong said: In the short term, the global market for COVID-19 nucleic acid testing will continue to grow, and the demand for other nucleic acid testing projects will become stronger; in the long term, because of the company’s internationalization, innovation capabilities, product lines, and talent teams. Layout ahead of time. At present, the company is shifting from being driven by technology products to being driven by platform companies, from developing "Me better" products to more developing "Me only" products. The endogenous growth momentum and extensional expansion capabilities will enter a brand new development. At this stage, the company will strive to become a platform company with the strongest innovation capability and the highest industrial transformation efficiency in the industry.


In addition, the anti-epidemic through the new crown has further accelerated the company's internationalization. The company's international brand awareness and reputation have been greatly improved, and channel construction has also been greatly strengthened. The company has now implemented product applications in more than 140 countries and regions around the world, and overseas sales accounted for more than 60% of its revenue in the third quarter.


“Currently, foreign market demand is still on the rise. In addition to the demand for new crown nucleic acid testing products, foreign customers, especially European customers, are also increasing their purchases of other nucleic acid testing products such as the company’s HPV nucleic acid testing reagents and respiratory multi-test reagents. Become the largest export area of the company’s products". Dai Lizhong said that even after the epidemic subsides, Sansure Biotech will still benefit from the global market dividends of other products for a long time.



Strong sustainable development momentum

The data shows that since the outbreak of the epidemic, the installed capacity of Sansure Biotech Instrument has increased significantly. The cumulative shipment of 3588 instruments from January to September 2020 is compared with the cumulative number of newly installed equipment from 2017 to 2019, which was issued from January to September. The volume is nearly four times that of the past three years, and the increase in installed capacity will further drive the company's incremental sales of reagents.


In terms of product lines, the company's hepatitis testing products are fully used in the WHO "2030 Hepatitis Eradication Plan"; HPV testing products fully serve the "2030 Cervical Cancer Elimination Plan"; the overall solution of respiratory pathogen nucleic acid detection comprehensively serves the global respiratory disease prevention and control; Blood screening and nucleic acid testing products guarantee "blood source safety" and "pre-clinical blood transfusion screening".


In terms of new product registration certificates, from January to September this year, Sansure Biotech obtained 84 domestic and foreign registration certificates, including 3 domestic third-class product registration certificates, 5 second-class product registration certificates, and 1 first-class product registration certificate. ; 75 overseas registration certificates, including 10 EU CE certifications (new crown, A and B triple inspection nucleic acid detection reagents, automatic nucleic acid extraction equipment, etc.), and 65 foreign admissions.


In addition, according to Sansure Biotech’s announcement, in November, 4 products including Sansure Biotech’s new coronavirus antigen detection reagent and human papilloma virus (HPV) nucleic acid typing test kit (23 type) obtained EU CE certification and fully automated nucleic acid extraction. Two products including the instrument, nucleic acid extraction or purification reagents have obtained the US FDA certification.