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The China Association of Clinical Laboratory Practice Expo (CACLP 2020) opened its door during 21 - 23 August at Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center and ended its 17th edition with a great success. With 1,006 exhibitors from the whole IVD industry at home and aboard attended the exhibition, the exhibition hit a record of 16% increase on its exhibitor number and reached the best also in term of the exhibitor quality as well. 

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During the 3 days, the 70,000 sqm exhibition received 35,216 visitors, with a growth of more than 50% compared with that of last year. Alongside the main exhibition, a series of high quality conferences and around a hundred of companies’ workshops were also well-attended, including the 7th China IVD Industry Development Conference, the 5th China Experimental Medicine Conference / Wiley Conference on In Vitro Diagnostics, Hospital Directors’ Forum, Enlightening Lab Med, the 3rd IVD Youth Entrepreneur Forum, the 2nd China IVD Distribution Enterprise Forum, the 3rd IVD Upstream Raw Material Forum.

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According to the market investigation published by CAIVD & China Medical Equipment Association IVD Branch, the capacity of China IVD market has exceeded over 100 billion RMB, reaching around 110 billion RMB in the year of 2019.

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In spite of postponement owing to the COVID-19 epidemic, CACLP committed it mission as the leading exhibition in IVD industry by joint force together with the institutions such as CAIVD and PCEM. Under the great support of Nanchang Municipal People’s Government, CACLP 2020 and its concurrent conferences were well-organised, safety and valuable. As the first large-scaled industrial feast of IVD during the post- epidemic period, CACLP2020 and its concurrent events received high praise from professionals, visitors, experts and exhibitors. The success of CACLP 2020 is of great significance on the sustainable development of IVD industry, as well as to IVD manufacturers in terms of company image, branding and marketing promotion.

In the opening ceremony, Mr. WANZHENG WANG, Deputy Major, Member of the Standing Committee of Nanchang Municipal Committee gave a warm welcome to everyone and special praise to the enterprises who have made great efforts on anti-epidemic.

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Deputy major, Member of the Standing Committee of Nanchang Municipal Committee, Wanzheng Wang

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Chairman of National Association of Health Industry and Enterprise Management, Xizhao Dou

PhD. Zhiming JIANG, Vice President, Beckman Coulter Diagnostics & General Manager of China, commented that CACLP has provided a multilevel and diversified platform for new technology, and global wise up-to-edge academic knowledge. CACLP 2020 has played a positive role in China health industry. It alarms people thorough thinking when the COVID-19 took such a huge influence on human being` s life. Fellows on IVD industry should stand together and take the motive power on science & innovation to grasp the future.

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Doctor Zhiming Jiang

Mr. Haibo SONG, Vice Chairman of National Association of Health Industry and Enterprises Management, Chairman of China Association of In Vitro Diagnostics, pointed out: “We have the responsibility and obligation to care and support localized production, R&D, and distribution companies. We need to help IVD companies in quality promotion and further expansion with a high-level perspective, deep consideration, and more detailed organization structure. All of this would also lead the industry to build a harmonious and healthy ecology. The cause of human health depends on the joint efforts of all mankind. We cannot exclude the advanced technology and superior products of developed countries, but we must always maintain the courage to innovate and enterprising in our shortcomings. Only in this way can we continuously narrow the gap and strengthen ourselves.”

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Professor Haibo Song

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General Manager of Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions, Kunping Hu

“It is the fact that almost all IVD companies who were active in the fight against COVID-19 epidemic have participated in CACLP 2020. It proves the important role that IVD companies play during the fight against COVID-19 and makes the mission and responsibility clearer to the enterprises of making great contributions to defeat COVID-19,” said Mr. Jor ZHOU, Chairman of CACLP, on behalf of the organizer.

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Chairman of CACLP, Jianliang Zhou

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General Manager of CACLP, Yiwen Sha

The success of CACLP 2020 and its concurrent conferences have encouraged the whole industry during the special post-epidemic period to go further. We look forward to seeing you again in Chongqing next March!

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CACLP is committed to building a large platform of production, learning, research, application, education, management and service, which integrates academic exchange, industry forum, sharing innovation and exhibition. CACLP has always followed the belief and tenet of CACLP to serve the IVD industry sincerely, promote the continuous progress of IVD industry, promote the communication and cooperation between IVD industry, improve the cooperation with international IVD industry, and establish equal communication and cooperation with laboratory medicine experts, experimental medicine experts and IVD entrepreneurs.

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