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The 5th CEMC / Wiley Conference on In Vitro Diagnostics

2020/6/28 10:06:17 Views:7655

2020 The 5th Chinese Experimental Medicine Conference (CEMC) / Wiley Conference on In Vitro Diagnostics is going to be hosted from August 21st to 23rd, at Primus Hotel Nanchang International Expo City.
The 5th CEMC will be jointly hosted with John Wiley & Sons,  Inc., which is one of the world's celebrated publishing group. The theme of the conference is Prospective, Innovation, Collaboration.
With two-hundred-year history, Wiley devoted to pushing the development of global academic industry and accelerating people` s cognition to the world since it` s been established in 1807. Exceeding 1,600 types of journals have been published including 277 traditional Chinese medicine. The IF of 70 journals ranked in the top ten in their discipline categories. Among them, CA-A Cancer Journal for Clinicians (IF 223.679) ranked first for several years running in the categories of Science & Oncology.
It is the first time that Wiley will hold an academic activity with the theme of in-vitro diagnostics for brilliant plenary lecture inviting distinguished academicians, experts and specialists from Chinese Academy of Engineering/Science, American Academy of Science in different fields such as experimental medicine, preclinical medicine and biomedical engineering. These leading-edged professionals at domestic and overseas will give us splendid speeches in experimental medicine development, international advanced technology and the latest achievements in scientific research to carry out extensive communication and discussion.
The conference is supplying simultaneous interpretation from cover to cover aiming at presenting a wonderful academic feast. CEMC is going to make some guiding reports around following topics: macro country policies, latest industry achievements, future directions and development potential of the industry. At the same time, we will discuss the most concerned hot pots and problems. For the purpose of encouraging technology innovation, improving the research results transformation, the conference will establish the special stage for research results patent publish, which can be considered as the communication platform among the industry, experts and research., On the occasion, the 1st Superior Hospital Directors Forum will be held simultaneously. Many outstanding directors from hospitals will present the forum deeply discussing the managerial experience, innovative medical mode, "Health China" Strategy, etc.
Hosted together with the 5th CEMC / Wiley Conference 2020, the 17th CACLP Expo 2020, the 7th China IVD Industry Development Conference, Enlightening Lab Med · The 3rd IVD Youth Entrepreneur Forum is going to start on that days in Nanchang.
Ⅰ、Time and Location:
Time:21st to 23rd August, 2020
Location: International Hall, the 3rd Floor, Primus Hotel Nanchang International Expo City
Ⅱ、Registration Time and Location:
Time: 21st - 23rd August 
Location: Primus Hotel Nanchang International Expo City
Ⅲ、Conference Schedule:
21st August   15:00-18:00     Opening Ceremony, Prospective Report, "Hero Cup" Award Ceremony, "Star of Innovation" Cup Award Ceremony
22nd August   9:00-12:00      Superior Hospital Directors Forum
                      14:00-17:40     Wiley Conference
23rd August    9:00-12:25      Dissertation Forums
Organizer: Professional Community of Experimental Medicine, John Wiley & Sons,  Inc.
Co-host: China Association of In Vitro Diagnostics, China Association for Medical Devices Industry IVD Branch
Undertaker: GL events Ruihe (Shanghai) Exhibition Co., Ltd.