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The successful Convening of the 4th Bode China

2020/4/17 6:20:10 Views:2597

The successful Convening of the 4th Bode China (International) IVD Industry Forum

In the morning of March 11, hosted by China Association of In-vitro Diagnostics, the 4th Bode China (International) IVD Industry Forum was held at Qingdao International Convention Center.

IVD has been a rising star in medical equipment industry in recent years. According to World Preview 2016,Outlook to 2022 published by famous consulting company TechEvaluateMed, by 2022 IVD will become the largest segment market in medical equipment fields. The market will reach 70.8 billion dollars, taking a 13% of the whole medical equipment industry.  

As far as we know, compared to international IVD market, China IVD market has a late start, a lower cardinality but a fast increasing speed. The recent China medical reform gives a good opportunity for domestic IVD companies to develop and the import substitution rate is speeding up. Under the driving of capital market, domestic IVD companies also pick up their speed of securitization. However, the development of the industry is still faced with difficulties. The strengthening of regulations, the improvement of registration barriers, the increasing of homogeneous products and the lack of innovative ability are all becoming the restriction for the development of the industry. In the recently held 2017 China IVD innovative forum, director Song Haibo even used ‘dance with shackles’ to describe the current IVD industry.

The theme of the forum is ‘opportunities and challenges in change’ and we invite many industry higher-ups to discuss the current situation and future development of IVD industry. Mr. Miao Yongjun serves as the chairman of the forum. Mr. Zou Zuojun and Mr. Yao Jianer take the position of executive chairmen.

Leaders and guests such as Mr. Dou Xizhao, Mr. Wang Baoting, Mr. Cong Yulong and Mr. Wang Hualiang attend the forum.

Mr. Miao Yongjun gave an opening speech for the forum. First of all, Mr. Ma Jianmin from Jiangsu Food and Drug Administration presented his brilliant lecture of Focus of New GMP Regulations and Clinical Inspect for IVD Regents. He introduced us about GMP related regulations and corrected our misunderstanding about GMP.

Mr. Pan Boshen, clinical laboratory director of Zhongshan hospital made a speed with the title of the Application of Mass Spectrometry in Clinical Laboratory. In his speech he introduced the current situation of the clinical development of mass spectrometry at home and abroad and their challenges, as well as the requirements of clinical laboratory. Professor Xu Yingchun, clinical laboratory director of Peking Union Medical College Hospital addressed on the current and future situation of clinical microorganism infection diagnosis. Facing the problem that infectious diseases are increasing rapidly, professor Xu Yingchun gave solutions from aspects such as clinical doctors’ expectations and bacterial infection therapy.

Mr. Tang Yong, President and CEO of Maccura, gave a wonderful speech on Medical Laboratory Integrated Solution. He first analyzed the changes of IVD industry in 2016, and then introduced the integrated solution of medical laboratory comprehensively from views such as enterprises, market and sales. Professor Di Hongwu gave his speech of Sunlight Procurement Regulations and Practice. From his analysis of the influence of governmental regulations on IVD industry, he asserted that it will be a changing and subversive period and gave his opinion on ‘Internet Plus’.

In the afternoon, the forum continued under the host of Mr. Zou Zuojun. Mr. Zhu Yongfeng from National Health and Family Planning Commission talked about the influence of hierarchical diagnosis and two vote system on IVD industry.

Doctor Zhou Juan gave her speech of NGS and Precision Medicine. She shared with us some cutting-edge academic research results about liquid biopsy and sequencing technique. Senior investor Ms. Ye Suqin talked about equity incentive and corporate governance and shared her opinion on the stock incentive system applied in business operations.

Mr. Zhu Yaoyi, president of Fosun Diagnostics released 2016 IVD Industry Annual Report. From policies and regulations, current situation and development, opportunities and challenges, advice and suggestions, he made a comprehensive analysis and introduction about the whole IVD industry.

Also, 2016 IVD industry leading persons award ceremony was held during the forum to express our thanks for their efforts for IVD industry in 2016.

At last, Mr. Miao Yongjun hosted the guest interview events and made deep interviews to the leading persons in 2016 IVD industry. Respectively, 7 guests introduced their focused fields and the current situation and developmental trends of it.

During the interview, Mr. Song Haibo, chairman of CAIVD, gave a wonderful answer about the question that where should China IVD industry go.

Meantime, China IVD Industry Blue Book 2015 was released during the day. So far as we know, the book is written by nearly 200 famous entrepreneurs, presidents, experts and professors. It includes all the achievement of reform and innovation of IVD industry in the past 35 years and makes a record of the development situation of IVD industry in 2015. It is the first blue book in IVD industry and is an essential reference book for the industry.