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CACLP is meeting you in Philadelphia

2020/4/17 1:29:56 Views:757

As a leading event of laboratory medicine worldwide, 2015 AACC Annual Meeting is going to start from August 2 and it’s the third year that CACLP attends this event as exhibitor.

CACLP has long played the role of connecting IVD companies together in China. CACLP Expo 2017 is going to be hosted in Qingdao during March 12-14, 2017. Also, this year CACLP is going to have its first autumn exhibition from October 21 to 23 in Hangzhou. As the biggest and best platform for IVD industry in China, CACLP Expo is always seeking more international fame.Now IVD industy in China is developing at an amazing speed. At this year’s AACC annual meeting we can obviously find more Chinese exhibitors. We believe that through us, both Chinese and international IVD companies will have a better chance to enter China IVD market.

By then we will be at booth #3839, waiting for you to shake hands with China IVD industry.