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The strategic cooperation between Wuhan Ammunition Life Technology and Roche Diagnostics

2022/8/8 13:31:54 Views:164

On August 5, the strategic signing ceremony between Wuhan Ammunition Life Technology Co., Ltd. and the internationally renowned company Roche Diagnostics was successfully held in Wuhan. The two parties reached an in-depth strategic cooperation in the field of early tumor screening and diagnosis, decided to promote cancer early screening, early diagnosis, and early treatment together.

The signing ceremony was held during the 2022 World Health Expo, co-sponsored by the Hubei Provincial People's Government, the National Health Commission, and the Wuhan Municipal People's Government. This is the first national-level professional exhibition in the field of health in Hubei Province, aiming to build a global platform which meets the people's growing demand for healthy life.

Mr. Ni Tao, Senior Marketing Director of Roche Diagnostics, said in his speech that the cooperation between Roche Diagnostics and Wuhan Ammunition Life Technology is based on the needs of patients. As the incidence of gastrointestinal cancer and colorectal cancer is now increasing, Wuhan Ammunition Life Technology has developed the world's first SDC2/TFPI2 dual-target detection technology for the difference between the left and right colons. The combined detection of the two targets can comprehensively improve the detection sensitivity of left and right colon cancers to 95.3%.