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Four Companies Were Financed

2022/8/5 14:21:53 Views:515

Ancient Times of Genomics obtained tens of millions of financing to build a full life cycle solution for respiratory diseases

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On July 28, Ancient Times of Genomics announced the recent financing progress, and signed a new round of capital increase agreement. The old shareholder Redhill Capital continued to increase investment. The investment is mainly used to focus on the construction of respiratory specialties in the Proterozoic, promote the transformation of industry, University and research, and create a full life-cycle solution for respiratory diseases.


Ancient Times of Genomics is an innovative enterprise guided by the development of respiratory specialty, committed to the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and serving clinical needs, continuously expanding the diagnosis and treatment path of respiratory diseases, and building the first brand to assist the construction and development of respiratory specialty.


Bao Wei, founder and chairman of Ancient Times of Genomics, said: "Thank you for your trust and full support to Ancient Times of Genomics from new and old investors. We will always adhere to the concept of clinical demand driven development, combine precision medicine and AI big data, gradually realize the full life cycle management of respiratory diseases, assist medical institutions in the collaborative and orderly management of patients, promote the fluidization of high-quality medical resources, the normalization of telemedicine, and the digitization of biotechnology information."


SysDiagno Biotechnology Co., Ltd. completed a round B financing of more than 100 million CNY to accelerate the layout of glycogen transformation medicine.

On August 2, SysDiagno announced that it had completed a round B financing of more than 100 million CNY. It is reported that this is by far the largest financing in the field of glycomic transformation medicine in China. This round of financing was led by subsidiary of CICC. Shanghai Fosun, the old shareholder, continued to pursue the investmen. This round of financing will further accelerate the layout of Syngenta biology in the global glycomic transformation medicine field, ensure the smooth implementation of clinical trials, promote the upgrading and optimization of platform technology, accelerate the expansion of product pipelines, promote the localization of equipment and reagents, the globalization of resources and markets, and establish a tripartite medical laboratory.


The IVD product "oligosaccharide chain detection kit" developed by SysDiagno Bio based on the glycome detection and analysis technology platform has been approved to enter the green channel of NMPA innovative medical devices. This product is designed for about 70million people with chronic HBV infection in China and is used for auxiliary diagnosis of liver cancer, which is expected to change the current situation of low early diagnosis rate of liver cancer in China.


Derlead Biotech completed tens of millions of CNY of round a financing.

Recently, Hangzhou Derlead Biotechnology Co., Ltd., which focuses on fungal molecular diagnosis technology and product development, completed a round of financing of tens of millions of CNY. It is reported that this round of financing was led by Saizhi Bole Equity, and Zhejiang Laiyi and Zhongying Finance participated in the follow-up investment.


Derlead was founded at the end of 2012 by experts specializing in molecular biology and in vitro diagnostic reagents who returned from studying in the United States and an industrialized team specializing in the domestic IVD market. The company focuses on the independent research and development, production, sales and service of in vitro diagnostic reagents. The company is a domestic enterprise focusing on the development of fungal molecular diagnostic products, has three invention patents, and has obtained three fungal nucleic acid detection kit products, class III IVD product registration certificate of the NMPA.


Sanyou Biopharmaceuticals completed tens of millions of yuan of B+ round financing.

On August 2, Sanyou Biopharmaceuticals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. announced that it had completed the B+ round financing of tens of millions of CNY. This round of financing was led by subsidiary of Huatai Securities. The old shareholder L-venture follow-up investment. This round of financing funds will be used to strengthen the construction of an integrated R & D platform for innovative antibody drugs.

Sanyou is a high-tech biological enterprise focusing on innovative antibody drug research and development and services. The company is committed to building an internationally leading platform for high-quality, high-throughput, integrated R & D and value transformation of innovative antibody drugs, building a business ecosystem of treatment, R & D and diagnostic products and services, and cooperating with global biopharmaceutical, diagnostic and drug R & D companies to open up a new situation of human disease diagnosis and treatment. The company has established friendly business cooperation with more than 300 pharmaceutical companies, drug R & D institutions and diagnostic reagent products companies around the world.