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8 medical device companies are listed in the Fortune Global 500 2022

2022/8/4 14:26:37 Views:1360

The rebound from COVID-19 created a huge tailwind for the world’s largest companies by revenue. Aggregate sales for the Fortune Global 500 hit $37.8 trillion, an increase of 19%—the highest annual growth rate in the list’s history. Walmart landed at No. 1 for the ninth straight year, trailed by Amazon, which reached its highest ranking ever. Chinese energy giants State Grid, China National Petroleum, and Sinopec rounded out the top five. For the first time, revenues from Global 500 companies in Greater China (including Taiwan) exceeded revenues from U.S. companies on the list, accounting for 31% of the total. The corporations that make up our annual ranking of the world’s largest companies also reaped record-busting profits in 2021. But this year’s turmoil has confronted the leaders of the Fortune Global 500 with a new set of crises—many of them political as well as economic.


The threshold for entry into the list also jumped from $24 billion to $28.6 billion. At the same time, the combined net profit of all the companies on the list this year is about $3.1 trillion, a sharp increase of 88% year-on-year—the largest increase since 2004.


The medical device companies on the list this year include Swiss Roche, Merck, Abbott, Thermo Fisher, 3M, Shanghai Pharmaceutical Group, Medtronic and Danaher.

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