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Several Chinese IVD companies have already developed monkeypox detection reagents!

2022/5/23 16:39:20 Views:212

The WHO office in Congo (DRC) released a message on May 20, local time, saying that more than 1,200 people suspected of being infected with monkeypox virus. Virus spread across 18 provinces across the country and caused 58 people died. The report pointed out that after the United Kingdom, 11 countries around the world have reported confirmed or suspected cases of monkeypox.

Several IVD companies in China have developed monkeypox virus detection kits. However, there is no registration certificate, and they can only be used in the fields of scientific research and disease control.

Sansure Biotech Inc.

Relying on the leading diagnostic technology platform and experience of COVID-19 and various emerging infectious pathogens, Sansure Biotech has reserved monkeypox virus nucleic acid detection kits (PCR-fluorescent probe method) in the company's scientific research products. The nucleic acid fragment of poxvirus can rapidly identify monkeypox virus. The reagent is suitable for the rapid diagnosis of diseases caused by monkeypox virus infection.


Sansure Biotech‘s COVID-19 related products have served more than 160 countries and regions around the world. At present, the company is actively promoting the overseas registration of monkeypox virus nucleic acid detection kits.

Daan Gene Co.,ltd.

Daan Gene stated on the investor interactive platform on May 10 that the company has reserves of monkeypox virus-related scientific research products, but currently there are no relevant certified reagents.

Shanghai ZJ Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd

According to the data, there is a monkeypox virus nucleic acid detection kit (fluorescent PCR method) in the products of Shanghai ZJ Bio-Tech.


Jiangsu Bioperfectus Technologies Co.,ltd.

The official website shows that the company has a monkeypox virus nucleic acid detection kit (fluorescent PCR method), which is reportedly only for disease control and scientific research purposes.