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CerTest Biotec Opens New Facility for Diagnostic Products

2018/6/28 10:47:40 Views:685
CerTest Biotec (Zaragoza, Spain), a biotechnologycompany focused on the development and manufacturing of IVD diagnosticproducts, has opened a new facility in Spain for the research, development andmanufacture of molecular diagnostics products.

CerTest develops, manufactures and sells a widerange of products for the identification of the agents causing infectiousdiseases in health facilities, laboratories and hospitals. The company developsand provides clinical diagnostics products with high standards of quality,sensitivity, specificity and reproducibility, allowing the identification ofpathogens at early stages of infection. It also collaborates with a largenumber of hospitals and research institutes in Spain and abroad.

The new facility, with a surface area of 4,500square meters, comprises state-of-the-art laboratories, offices, warehouse andproduction and quality control areas, among others and has been set up at aninvestment of 5 million Euros. With this facility, CerTest Biotec will now havea total floor space of 7,000 square meters and will continue to expand in thefield of molecular biology, which is one of the company’sspecialties.