SINOPHARM GROUP: Medical Devices Annual Income Report

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Yesterday (March 22), SINOPHARM GROUP released the annual results of 2020 announcement, in 2020, SINOPHARM GROUP achieved business revenue of about 456.4 billion yuan, an increase of 7.32% year-on-year, the growth rate is much higher than the industry average.


The annual net profit was about 12.1 billion yuan, increased by 13.91%, and the net profit attributable to the parent was about 7.19 billion yuan, up 14.95% compare with last year.


Overall, in 2020, the revenue share of SINOPHARM GROUP pharmaceutical distribution segment decreased by 4.00 percentage points to 74.18%, while the revenue share of medical device and drug retail segment increased by 2.98 percentage points and 0.56 percentage points to 19.04% and 5.15% respectively.


In the medical device segment, the revenue during the reporting period was about 89.4 billion yuan, accounting for 19.04% of the total revenue of the Group, an increase of 29.02% compared with 2019. The increase was mainly due to the acquisition expansion and business growth of the medical device business.


Previously, SINOPHARM GROUP released the annual performance data of China national medical device co., ltd. in 2020, the annual revenue of China national medical device co., ltd. was about 58.36 billion yuan, up 28.24% year-on-year, and the operating profit was about 2.72 billion yuan, year-on-year growth of 73.5%.

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