Top 10 IVD industry Keywords in 2020

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Key words 1: COVID-19 nucleic acid detection kit


The COVID-19 nucleic acid test kit is the "leading role" of this year. From the beginning of the epidemic, the "three CDC Recommended Units", "Wuhan CT debate" and "false negative event" have been running through the whole epidemic prevention and control process, they are the well-deserved annual keyword of IVD.


Key words 2: National nucleic acid test


Since the "Ten-day Battle" in Wuhan, nucleic acid testing has been carried out in Beijing, Harbin, Shanghai Pudong, Yunnan, Dalian, Qingdao and other places due to the spread of the epidemic. Therefore, nucleic acid testing has also become a hot keyword, dominating the headlines of major media for a long time.


Key words 3: Nucleic acid detection integrated machine


Although traditional PCR has been upgraded from manual to extraction instrument in this epidemic, the rise of fever clinic and the popularity of nucleic acid detection all-in-one machine continue to rise, and then each one claims to launch related products, and some new products are released from time to time, which is the molecular equipment that will be the most concerned in 2020.


Key words 4: Gathering of COVID-19


For the IVD industry, the most far-reaching impact is the COVID-19 cluster mining. The nucleic acid price of COVID-19 is the lowest 8.88 yuan, the antibody price is 3.64 yuan, the nucleic acid extraction reagent is 1.00 yuan, and the sampling instrument is 0.42 yuan. The cluster mining industry will be affected by its significance for the subsequent decades of industry development, and it is therefore one of the annual keywords of the IVD industry.


Key word 5: Export white list


In February, domestic COVID-19 reagent started "great maritime era", with the rapid development of foreign outbreaks, new export enterprises more and more, so good and evil people mixed up, hear products for the export of hot poured "cold water", then launch the "new champions league exit white list" of the national Ministry of Commerce for chaos control management, since white list as new crown reagent export first put the key, it has been nearly more than 400 products to obtain white list.


Key words 6: IVD enterprise IPO listing


2020 is the easiest year for IVD enterprises to go public, and there will no longer be such a window in the future. The maturity of the science and innovation board system and the relaxation of listing threshold are all promoting the continuous IPO of IVD enterprises, while the performance growth brought by COVID-19 also enables the rapid development of IVD enterprises.


Key words 7: Cabin laboratory


The infrastructure of nucleic acid testing is the PCR laboratory. The state has invested a lot of money in the construction of nucleic acid laboratories at the grassroots level. The rise of new models such as the cabin laboratory, mobile laboratory, gas film laboratory and nucleic acid testing vehicle has become a major force in the fight against the epidemic due to their accessibility and convenience.


Key words 8: Nucleic acid tester


There is a group of people who are specialized in nucleic acid testing, and they have their own name "nucleic acid tester". The whole practitioners have been greatly expanded in 2020, from 0 to 1, and then to 10. This group has gone to the peak from the moment of being justified.


Key words 9: CRISPR detection technology


The CRISPR technology won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2020, and the application of CRISPR technology in in vitro diagnosis has become a key topic in the industry. Meanwhile, the NOVEL coronave-nucleic acid detection products based on CRISPR technology have obtained the registration certification of NMPA, and the CRISPR detection technology can be expected in the future.


Key words 10: Fever clinic laboratory


The fever clinic laboratory is an emerging product of this outbreak and is another important laboratory scene in addition to clinical laboratory, emergency laboratory and other clinical laboratory laboratories. Since Beijing fever clinic laboratory construction guidelines, published elsewhere are related documents, file clear fever clinics listed the construction site specifications, laboratory equipment for the laboratory and to carry out the project, etc., and exposed the huge market that a fever clinics laboratory, become the most popular words in test group.

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