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This year's new outbreak of the outbreak, highlights the technical value of POCT in the emergency scene. In addition, the epidemic has changed the normal situation of outpatient treatment, expanded more application scenarios, and put forward more demands for POCT. At the same time, in the clinical application of POCT more and more widely today, how to strengthen the quality management, avoid the management "blind area" and other issues, after hot discussion and practical exploration, has shown positive results and experience. In the post epidemic era, POCT will continue to play a positive role driven by the demand trend.


New crown epidemic and POCT


The concept of POCT was first produced in the emergency scene, and its characteristics of "instant (rapid detection)" and "immediate (in the sampling site, eliminating the complex processing procedures of specimen in laboratory test)" are precisely to facilitate the detection under special circumstances. For example, in Japan, where earthquakes occur frequently, POCT is often used to detect the injured in a timely manner. In fact, POCT has been playing an important role in large-scale emergency, and it is necessary to test under emergency conditions. Professor Zhang Chen, deputy director of the quality control office of Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, said: "this year's epidemic situation is rapid, involving a wide range of people, and the detection time is urgent, which is a large-scale emergency. Both antibody detection and "gold standard" molecular diagnosis have high requirements for reagents, equipment and sites. Detection is concentrated in hospitals above grade 3 and major tripartite testing centers. In addition, the requirements for the operators to collect samples are high, a large number of medical staff need to be mobilized, and considerable resources need to be invested. If we can take into account the characteristics of high accuracy, low cost, simple operation, short time and so on, which is suitable for primary medical institutions, it will undoubtedly greatly improve the efficiency of epidemic prevention. POCT can "show off its skills" and play a prominent role here In fact, in addition to the development of covid-19 detection technology for new coronavirus, POCT also shows new application scenarios and needs - out of hospital application scenarios and for non patients. From the actual situation, Professor Zhang Zhen extended more ideas for POCT scene application: "under the epidemic situation, due to the needs of patients, the hospital has undoubtedly become a" gathering place "of risks, and has become the" red area "of the epidemic situation. In fact, in addition to the patients who have to go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment, there are other "non rigid" people who need to undergo pregnancy examination and physical examination. The demand of this group of people is highlighted under the epidemic situation, which has become the future development direction of hospital follow-up triage treatment, and makes POCT extend to a new application scenario. " In addition, in the introduction of Professor Zhang Zhen, it can be found that more family convenient detection needs have been generated after the epidemic, and the application advantages of family POCT deserve attention. If more POCT products can be applied in the family scene in the future, and the hospital terminal can be connected through the network, it can better help the hospital to shunt patients and help grading diagnosis and treatment. In fact, this demand is also a new demand for technological upgrading, which further caters to the development trend of intelligent and intelligent medical upgrading. In a sense, POCT will change the way people seek medical treatment in the future.

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