2019 NACCCA Annual Meeting--More Than 200 IVD Experts Talk a

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Looking east to the Pacific, there is Los Angeles, known as the "City of Angels." On the evening of 7 August, at the 71st American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC) in Los Angeles, the North American Chinese Clinical Chemists Association (NACCCA) annual awards ceremony and annual banquet meeting was held as scheduled at King Harbor Seafood Restaurant nearAnaheim Convention Center. More than 200 clinical laboratory experts from all over the world gathered here to talk about the status quo and future development of laboratory medicine.
The banquet was hosted by Chairman Yuan Chao and assisted by Chairman Cao Jing. AACC Chairman-elect Dr. David Grenache, IFCC's current ChairmanDr. Ferrari Maurizio, CSLM's former ChairmanPan Boshen and CAIVD's current ChairmanSong Haibo delivered speeches respectively.

Chairman David Grenache, on behalf of AACC, expressed his gratitude to the NACCCA for its support and contribution toAACC, and said that they will conduct joint research for the first time this year to further strengthen the close cooperation between the two associations.

Chairman Dr. Ferrari Maurizio of IFCC also expressed his appreciation for the development of NACCCA and the entire Chinese clinical laboratory.

Professor Pan boshen, former Chairman of Chinese Society of Laboratory Medicine, thanked NACCCA and AACC for their help to the development of China's laboratory industry on behalf of China's laboratorycolleagues, and hoped that the two sides will establish closer ties in the future.

Song Haibo, Chairman of CAIVD, on behalf of the Association and the, congratulatedon the success of the NACCCA Annual Meeting and called on experts and scholars from China and the United States to strengthen academic exchanges.
On awarding, through the rigorous selection of members of the NACCCA board of directors, contributors of former Chairmen or industry figures were awarded best contribution, service and education and so on. These awards are designed to recognize their achievements and contributions to the clinical and in vitro diagnostic industry. This year, the companies that provide financial support for NACCCA include Dream Diagnostics Medicine, Siemens, KWORK, Mindray, Maccura, BCT and so on. The organizing committee and participants expressed their heartfelt thanks for the sponsorship support of these companies. Next, Dr. Ruben Luo, one of the winners, gave a wonderful 20-minute speech. The post-meal exchanges brought the meeting to a climax. Everyone exchanged business cards and added WeChat. Congratulations on this year's results, and they’re looking forward to meeting again in Chicago next summer!
Full of friends, toasting and drinking, the whole meeting was in an orderly manner in a warm atmosphere. Although they come from different regions, have different skin colors, speak different languages - they have a common goal---the development of laboratorymedicine!!!
In this August, we can also expect the coming March next year. When we still immerse ourselves in the joy of harvest of NACCCA, the 2020 CACLP EXPO will be quietly staged. Hope that we can have the opportunity to meet again in the hero city - Nanchang.

Established in 1981, NACCCA is one of the most influential Chinese academic groups in North America. Members are from all over the world, including the United States, Canada, Europe, China, Taiwan, HongKong, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries and regions. Former NACCCA Chairmen included Dr. Arthur DJang, who has invented the main component of Lysol and ninhydrin technology, Dr. Daniel Chan, Director of Clinical Proceedings, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Dr. Alan Wu, Director of UCSF, and Dr. Steven Wong, former Chairman of AACC in 2014 and other prominent figures in the industry. Board members of NACCCA are voluntarily and recommended from NACCCA members. Most of them are experts and academic leaders in the field. Every member of the board of directors has worked hard and devoted a lot of spare time to make contributions. The purpose of the board is to make NACCCA better and better, strengthen communication at home and abroad, cultivate young industry leaders and expand its influence, so as to repay the society.
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