Roche will acquire Spark gene therapy for nearly $5 billion

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Recently, the Wall Street Journal reported that Swiss biopharmaceutical company Roche is acquiring US technology company Spark Theraputics, which may be announced on Monday.
The acquisition will value Spark's nearly $5 billion, while the Nasdaq-listed Spark Therapy will have a closing price of $51 on Friday and a market capitalization of only $2 billion.  
Spark is a gene therapy company that specializes in the areas of hemophilia and neurodegenerative diseases. The emerging therapeutic category pioneered by companies such as Spark, the treatment of defective genes with healthy genes, is a hot topic in the medical field in recent years.
If Spark gene therapy is successful, Roche's acquisition of Spark can be more competitive in the hemophilia treatment market. As an emerging category of Roche, hemophilia will be the best boost to growth in its market.
In 2014, Pfizer worked with Spark Therapeutics to develop hemophilia gene therapy. Previously, at the annual meeting of the European Society of Hematology, Pfizer and Spark Therapeutics announced that the B-type hemophilia gene therapy SPK-9001, which was jointly developed by the two parties, had good clinical results.
Roche may also become a big pharmaceutical company after the Novartis, Pfizer and Bristol-Myers Squibb.    
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