The 3rd Bode China In-Vitro Diagnostics Industry Forum

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2016 March 6th· Xi’an


1.  Forum Topic

Chinese IVD’s Innovation, Transition and Internet Plus in the New Normal.


2. Agenda



Speech Time



Sun Yifeng


Forum chairman make opening speech

Lian Xinting


Internet Plus’s Influence on the development of IVD Industry

Huang Yongquan

5 Mins

Question Time


The  New Immunoassay Method and Application for Mycobacterium Tuberculosis  Infection

Prof. Zhang Heqiu

5 Mins

Question Time


The Key points of Pre-IPO  for IVD Companies

Prof. Su Xunzhi

5 Mins

Question Time

10 Mins

Tea Break


Summary of Chinese IVD Regulation

Prof. Yue Wei

5 Mins

Question Time


Approaches and Progresses to HbA1c Testing in the Clinical  Laboratory

Andrew John Buck

5 Mins

Question Time




Miao Yongjun


Gene Diagnosis’s Past, Present and Future

Chen Jing, Academician

5 Mins

Question Time


Research of Translational Medicine  Fuses Genetic Engineering Technology

Prof. Deng Yulin

5 Mins

Question Time


How Does Capital Market Promote the Development of IVDIndustry

Prof.Li Wenmei

5 Mins

Question Time


IVD Companies’ Legal Risk Prevention  and Typical Case Analysis

Jiang Jing, Lawyer

5 Mins

Question Time


The Opportunities and Challenges of IVD Industry Under the New Normal

Prof.Cong Yulong

5 Mins

Question Time


Tea Break


Molecular Diagnosis of Birth Defects

Dr.Fu Qihua

5 Mins

Question Time


Functional Medical Testing is A Tool of Health Management

Dr. He Jian

5 Mins

Question Time


2015 China IVD Industry Annual Report

Song Haibo, Chairman

5 Mins

Question Time

Lian Xintin


Guest Interview:  Innovation, Policies & Regulations, Investment & Financing, Translational  Medicine, Internet Plus, and other issues of common concern.

Guests:Lian Xinting,Miao Yongjun, Sun Yifeng,  Huang Yongquan, Zhang Heqiu, Su Xunzhi, Yue Wei, Andrew John Buck, Chen Jing,  Deng Yulin, Li Wenmei, Jiang Jin, Cong Yulong, Fu Qihua, Song Haibo


3. Forum Chairmen & Guests


Forum Chairman

Lian Xinting: Vice chairman ofChina Association of In-vitro Diagnostics、Presidentof Nanchang Biotech A&G Biotechnical Industry Incorporated CO.


Executive Chairmen

Miao Yongjun: Vice chairman of China Association of In-vitro Diagnostics、president of Autobio Diagnostics Co., Ltd.

Sun Yifeng, Vice chairman of China Association of In-vitro Diagnostics、 CEO of Zhuhai Encode Medical Engineering Co., Ltd.



Mr. YongquanHuang

EMBA, Senior Engineer, Vice President & Marketing Director ofNanchang Biotech A&C Biotechnical Industry Incorporated Company.

Mr. Yongquan Huang successively graduated as MBA from Jiangxi Universityof Finance & Economics and EMBA from New York Institute of Technology. Hehas ever worked as communication engineer in companies like Jiangxi LianchuangOptoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd., NOKIA and HUAWEI, etc. Joined NanchangBiotech A&C Biotechnical Industry Incorporated Company in year 1998 andsuccessively held the post of senior engineer, vice president & marketingdirector.


Prof. Heqiu Zhang:

Chief engineer andresearcher of Institute of Basic Medical Sciences; Adjunct professor andgraduate advisor of Wenzhou University, he is long engaged in early diagnosisand product development of major disorders and diseases. Currently serves asVice Chairman of National Engineering Laboratory for Immune Diagnostic Reagent.Specialist of National   Development and ReformCommission for Bio-Pharmaceutical Industry; Vice- Chairman of Cellular andMolecular Microscopy Technology Branch; Committee member of Immune DiagnosisGroup of Chinese Microorganism and Immunology; Inspector general of BeijingAdvanced and Innovative Medical Device Industrialization Alliance; Committeemember of China Medicinal Biotechnology Association of molecular biologicaldiagnostic technology Association.


He has undertakenNational Natural Science Foundation, The Tenth Five-Year Plan, the EleventhFive-Year Plan, and the Twelfth Five-Year Plan’s Major National Science andTechnology Projects, and National Ocean 863 Project. He received 15 Nationaland Military Science and Technology Achievements, 12 patents were applied andgranted 8 patents, a software copyright, a National Prize for Progress inScience and Technology, and 8 certificates and approval letters of newdiagnostic reagents. In recent years, he has published more than 40 papers withfirst author or corresponding author and edited 2 books.

Prof. Xunzhi Su:

Proficientin Chinese, English and Korean, Master of Economics. Former manager ofinvestment banking division of China Cinda Asset Management Corporation. He wasacted as director of 5 enterprises (PISCO, TISCO, JISCO and so on) by Cinda.Currently, he is the executive general manager of Beijing business departmentof investment banking division of Guosen Securities Co., Ltd. He graduated fromPyongyang University of Construction and Building Materials Industries andKorea University.

∙     Since2008, his key performance include:

∙     The IPOof Juli Sling (002342);

∙     MeiHuaHoldings Group’s back door listing with Wuzhou Minovo (600873);

∙     Reformthe shareholder structure of Tianjin Global Magnetic Card (600800);

∙     Dirui’s(300396) IPO in GEM;

∙     Hengyi’s(000703) non-public offering and corporate bonds;

∙     Assetmerger of Highlander (300065) and Dirui.


Prof. Wei Yue:

Graduated from ShanghaiSecond Polytechnic University, received Bachelor's Degree. From1990's, heengaged in scientific research and management of medical equipment industrialproduction. He served as Principal Staff Member of Science & Technology andInternational Exchange Department for Shanghai Pharmaceutical Administration;Vice Director of Comprehensive Office for Shanghai PharmaceuticalAdministration; Deputy Director of General Office, Director of InformationCenter for Shanghai Food and Drug Administration; Director of Medical DeviceSupervision Department for Shanghai Food and Drug Administration. Now he isemployed as a legal consultant of Shanghai Medical Device Industry Association;Guest Professor of Shanghai Food and Drug Administration Workshop and ShanghaiUniversity of Medicine & Health Sciences; scientists and technologicalexperts of Shanghai Committee and Shanghai Pudong Technology Division.


Andrew JohnBuck

British, adjunct professor of Jiangnan University, graduated from thefamous Imperial College London majored in electronic engineering. Due to hisoutstanding innovation, he was employed by General Electric and in charge ofproject research and development during studying in university. In 1987, Mr.Andrew joined in Drew Science Ltd, leading the research team completed theinvention of DS Series glycated hemoglobin analyzer which is the best-sellingin this area. So far DS Series glycated hemoglobin analyzers have been soldalmost 6000 in more than 50 countries. In 2003, Mr. Andrew was promoted to vicepresident and technical director. In 2010, Mr. Andrew was president of AIC.Until now, Mr. Andrew has more than 30 years experiences in Life Sciences andClinical Diagnostics. What’s more, he has particular knowledge of EU IVDlegislation and development, manufacture, multinational sales of IVD.


Jing Cheng, Ph.D.

CheungKong Professor at Tsinghua University School of Medicine, Director of National EngineeringResearch Center for Beijing Biochip Technology, Member of the Chinese Academyof Engineering,Memberof the International Academy of Sciences for Europe and Asia and National“Thousand Talents” Distinguished Professor.


Dr.Cheng received his Ph.D. degree in Forensic Sciences from the University ofStrathclyde (UK) in 1992. He has been engaged and made great achievements inbiotechnology researches related to both basic and clinical medicine,especially in the field of biochip technology. He has established series ofbiochip-based molecular typing systems for disease prevention, diagnosis andprognosis; and developed a variety of biochips for the analysis of genes,proteins and cells. Some of these chips have been certified by the Chinese Foodand Drug Administration and applied in the hospital. Additionally, he has beenresponsible in developing and manufacturing a full line of instruments forbiochips.


Dr.Cheng published 124 peer-reviewed papers, edited 8 books, and obtained 42European and US patents. He received many awards including the National Awardsfor Technological Innovation.


Dr. Yulin Deng

Yulin Deng is a Professor and Dean of School of LifeScience & Technology at Beijing Institute of Technology, China. He was bornin 1962 in Anhui, China.  He received hisBachelor and Master degree from Beijing Institute of Technology in 1983 and1986, respectively, and spent the next seven years as an Assistant Professorand then Associate Professor at the same university.  In 1993, he had the honor to obtain anational scholarship from the Ministry of Education of Japan, and undertook aPh.D. degree at Nagoya Institute of Technology in Japan, which he completed in1997.   Subsequently he was awarded atwo-year postdoctoral fellowship from the Health Service Utilization andResearch Commission of Canada, and has been involved in NeuropsychiatryResearch Unit at University of Saskatchewan in Canada since 1997.  After his postdoctoral training, he hasworked as a senior scientist in Neurology Research Unit of College of Medicineat University of Saskatchewan.  He hasbeen promoted to a full professor, and been in charge of the School of LifeScience & Technology at Beijing Institute of Technology of China since2002. In 2013, he was nominated to be a member of International Academy ofAstronautics.


Wenmei Li, Chairman:

Vice-Chairmanof National Association of Health Industry and Enterprise Management ChineseAssociation of In-Vitro Diagnostics;

GuangzhouWondfo Biotech Co., Ltd Chairman;

Professorof South China University of Technology;

Memberof Committee of China Narcotics Control Foundation (CNCF);

ViceChairman of China Association of Medical Equipment POCT Branch;

ViceDirector of China Association of Medical Equipment Clinical Laboratory EquipmentTechnique Specialized Committee;

StandingMember of National Standards Commission of Medical Laboratory and In VitroDiagnostic Systems;

ChiefEditor of Series: Clinical Laboratory Equipment (POCT fascicule)


Jin Jiang,Lawyer:

Bachelor of Laws, graduated from Sichuan University. He was studied witha senior partner of Ku & Fong Law firm for a long term, and publisheddozens of law papers about foreign investment, investment merger, financing,transaction structure design and so on. Currently, he is the founding partner and managing partner of GuangdongMore & King Law Firm. Before that, he was a partner of Guangdong HuaxindaLaw Firm. Jiang is proficient in enterprise management, such as Incorporation andConversion of Company, structure for corporate governance, economic contract,tax and foreign exchange, Customs and international trade, intellectualproperty, reorganization and reformation and other kinds of legal affairs. Theyprovide normalized enterprise legal counseling services for domestic andforeign companies by a specialized lawyers team.


Cong Yulong

Archaizer,professor, doctoral tutor, chairman of army medical quality control center,diagnostic specialist of the central health care committee and started gettingthe state council special allowance since 1993. The jobs he has served includecommittee chairman of Chinese Society of Laboratory Medicine, branch chairmanof Chinese Medical Doctor Association, chief editor of Chinese Journal ofLaboratory Medicine, committee chairman of the national medical laboratoriesand in-vitro diagnostic system standardization committee, committee chairman ofChina certification and accreditation commission medical technical committee,committee chairman of China medical equipment association of clinicalinspection technical committee and branch chairman of Chinese Society for theelderly.        


Professor Qihua Fu

ProfessorQihua Fu is the vice Director of Pediatric Translational Medicine Institute,Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, and Director of Department ofLaboratory Medicine, Shanghai Children’s Medical Center(SCMC). He got his Ph.Ddegree from Shanghai Institute of Hematology, National Key Laboratory ofMedical genomics, Shanghai Second Medical University in July 2004. Beforemoving to SCMC, he has served as postdoctorial research associate in W.M KeckCenter for Transgene Research, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, andUniversity of Notre Dame for three years. Dr Fu’s research mainly focuses onthe molecular defects of inherited disorder and birth defects. He has more than130 publications published on the peer reviewed journals.


Dr.He Jian,

Graduated PhD from the USA, doctoral supervisor, director of Beijing Xieheluoqi MedicalCenter, invited specialist of Beijing municipal government. Gradutuatedfrom Peking University and Mayo Medical Center, Dr.He has many years of workingexperience in several medical institutes in the USA, including GenovaDiagnostics, the biggest functional medicine & Anti-ageing diagnosis center in America. Dr. Hewas appointed as director of China Resources and was in charge of biomedicineinvestment. Also he was professor at University of Hongkong and a member of the Enterprise Investment Committee in Hong Kong Government. Hereturned to the mainland in 2004 and worked as professor in Chinese Academy ofMedical Sciences, Peking Union Medical College. He was also a editorialadvisory board member of Chinese Journal of Health Management and the host offunctional medicine column and the the programme “healthy ideas”by CCTV. Dr.He isnow engaged in the development of functional medicine and made sevral speecheson functional medicine. He is first specialist in China that start to focus onfunctional medicine.


Haibo Song, Chairman:

FormerVice Director of Anhui Clinical Test Center

FormerVice Chairman of Anhui Microorganism and Immunology Association; 

Vice-Chairmanof National Association of Health Industry and Enterprise Management;   

Executive-Chairmanand Secretary General of National Association of Health Industry and EnterpriseManagement Chinese Association of In-Vitro Diagnostics;

ViceDirector of China Association of Medical Equipment Clinical LaboratoryEquipment Technique Specialized Committee;

StandingCommittee Member of Technical Committee of Clinical Laboratory Testing and InVitro Diagnostic Test Systems of Standardization Administration of China;

Chief Editor of ChinaIn-Vitro Diagnostic Website.      

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