China Association of Clinical Laboratory Practice Expo was found in 2002. Chinese Association of In-Vitro Diagnostics (CAIVD) has held this meeting for 26 years on the basis of the 1st National Clinical Laboratory Industry Meeting(1990~2001). For these years, CACLP Expo provides an effective platform of tech-communication, cooperation and development, market expansion for production, product R&D, management of clinical laboratory provider and blood transfusion equipment. With the leading of National Association of Health Industry and Enterprise Management (NAHIEM), the joint effort of each member unit, and supports of the whole colleagues, the Expo has expanding its scope year by year, which attracting international related industries to join the Expo.
    This exhibition is permitted by State Administration of Industry & Commerce of the People's Republic of China, it is the largest, professionaland influential show of In-Vitro Diagnostics industry. The show include products, distribution and achievement. During the Expo, we hold Bode China In-Vitro Diagnostics Industry Forum and invite experts to give presentations. The exhibition provides a platform for experts, exhibitors, operators and hospitals to contact directly, to make the new technology and new products put into use quickly and effectively. It is a bridge to link up all of companies, hospital, medical equipment procurement departinents, dealers and professionals in this field.
    Due to the success and influence of previous exhibitions, the exhibition scale has expanding year by year and exhibitors becoming more and more. Each year we put the information of the China Association of Clinical Laboratory Practice Expo on Websites ( and www. You can book the booth on line, and we will reserve booth on schedule.
    Thank you for all the exhibitors gave us supports and cooperation!
    Best wishes for IVD industry!
    We hope CACLP Expo could be the bridge to link up all of the enterprises in this field.

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